Polycarbonate Compact Sheets

PC Compact Sheets as well as PC Rolls have high impact strength and are also high temperature resistant. Both have special co-extruded ultra violet (UV) protection. Virtually unbreakable, and yet as transparent as glass with less than half its weight, Compact Sheets are easy to fabricate as well as to install. Known for their excellent insulation properties, these sheets are suitable for cutting, drilling, bending and thermoforming as well.

Note: - we can produce customize colors & sizes

The advantages as following:


Standard Colors – Clear, Lake Blue,Green,Bronze,Opal,Metallic Grey.
Standard Thickness – 1 – 20 mm
Standard Size Width – In Sheet 1220mm, 2000mm
Standard Length – 2440mm, 3000mm, 30500 mm
Note: - we can produce customize colors & sizes


Industrial glazing,
Sky lighting and acoustic barrier.
Natural lighting for operational areas in airport, Ports, railways and bus shelters.
Green houses, stadiums roof glazing etc.
Digital advertising screens and glow sign boards.

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