PC Lite Hollow/Multiwall Sheets

Insulation against heat and cold, and temperature resistance between -40°C and +130°C, are the two most important characteristic of these sheets. In addition, they have excellent light transmission up to 88 % and UV protection, PC Lite polycarbonate sheets are widely apply to many products in roofing of railway stations, green house, foot over-bridges, walkways, swimming pool, malls, and airports etc. Cladding and glazing are other areas where these sheets are being widely used.

Note: - we can produce customize colors & sizes

The advantages as following:

High Impact Strength

Sheets have very high impact strength ( over 200 times the impact strength of glass and over 8 times the impact strength of Acrylic)

UV protection

Sheet with Ultra Violet (U.V) coating could prevent transmission of the harmful UV rays, thereby preventing fading of the interiors. They also do not deteriorate over a period of time

Light weight

Sheet are light ( less than 1/6 the weight of a sheet of glass of comparable thickness) and easy for moving or installations.

High Durability

Sheet are very durable and long lasting by virtue of their high impact strength and UV protection.

Easy to install

Sheets are very easy for installations because they are very light and easy to handle.

Application Areas

Conservatories, Green Houses, Roofing skylite, Canopy for the window, Interior, Decoration, Ceilings covering, Advertising signage

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